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Convective Storms - Response and Recovery

"April Showers" are one of the less threatening parts of storms brewed by Spring's shifting weather patterns across the US, also capable of producing damaging hail, flooding, and tornadoes.

Convective storms, the more professional term for a thunderstorm, appear in the states when cold fronts riding the Polar jet stream down from Canada collide with the warmer, moister air drifting off the Gulf of Mexico. The change in pressure and the combination of high wind and thermal energies create a robust convective environment capable of spawning dangerous storms.

Wind gusts and hail from these systems are the bane of properties across the Midwest and states beyond, ravaging roofing systems and dismantling facades. In saturated regions along major river basins, inundating rains can quickly flood structures or entire towns. And at their strongest, supercell storms can produce devastating tornado outbreaks. In 2021 alone, NOAA reported $33.9B in severe storm losses, accounting for 35.7% of all weather and climate related losses in the US.

As these storms are a recurring threat, what is the best way to approach loss recovery and preventive measures?


Expert Loss Consulting

A well-established consultant or consulting agency provides the most value by helping expedite loss recovery, improve cost-efficiency, and offer preventive measures or maintenance plans. For a comparatively small cost, an expert can accurately assess loss sites to pinpoint damages and prepare a detailed recovery roadmap — lowering costs by reducing the scope of work required.




Loss Assessment & Estimating

Having an expert that specializes in and has direct experience with specific loss or building types boasts the most invaluable insight available. They know what to look for and the required mitigation or repair processes.

  • Damage Surveys and Assessments
  • RCV/ACV Loss Determination
  • Repair Replacement Evaluations and Cost Estimating
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling
  • Drone Reconnaissance
  • Matterport 3D Imaging


Expert Roof Consulting

Bearing the brunt of most storms, roofing damages from hail impacts, wind gusts, and water intrusions are widespread in the midwest. Finding the right expert for your particular roofing system can open a range of specialized services and insights to maximize repair cost-effectiveness and roofing lifespans.

  • Aerial Drone Survey
  • Infrared Moisture Surveys
  • Roof Damage Assessment
  • Water Infiltration and Moisture Mapping
  • Repair Replace Evaluation and Cost Estimating
  • Defect Analysis
  • Development of Repair and Maintenance Plans
  • Repair Monitoring
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony


Restoration & Reconstruction Management

Putting an industry veteran at the helm of recovery projects gives you the confidence and assurance for timely and cost-conscience completion. They understand the procedures and requirements to return damaged properties to pre-loss conditions while efficiently balancing project logistics.

  • Master Schedule Development
  • Schedule Monitoring and Review
  • Estimating and Budgeting
  • Value Engineering
  • Contracts and Bid Documents
  • Subcontractor Procurement
  • Building Permits
  • Project Monitoring/Mitigation Clerking


Water Damage Mitigation and Restoration

Aside from major flooding events, water intrusions occur as a secondary peril following initial damages that reveal building vulnerabilities. Quick and closely moderated care of water losses is critical to minimize damage exposures and avoid unnecessary equipment usage.

  • Infrared Moisture Surveys
  • Water Infiltration and Moisture Mapping
  • Damage Assessment
  • Dry Down versus Remediation Evaluation and Cost Estimating
  • Daily Drying and Equipment Monitoring
  • Mitigation Clerking
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Testimony


We're proud of our team's diverse proficiencies and industry experiences, giving us the edge in helping provide cost-savings and structurally sound solutions.