Drone pilot

Safer Site Inspections

Drone mapping, Matterport imaging, and local health ordinance informed consultants provide all the loss data you need, keeping you safer from the comfort of your own office or home.

With the current climate demanding an increased focus on health and safety precautions, how can adjusters and insurance staff still get accurate loss site data without an onsite inspection?  That's where visual assessment technologies are taking the spotlight, giving insurance professionals the tools they need to make just as informed claim decisions without needing to leave the office.  Among the most used, these two technologies provide the most innovative and proactive results on the market:

  • Drone Mapping - Capture a comprehensive overview of an entire loss site in high-resolution imagery or video using aerial drones. The systematic process ensures complete visual coverage from any angle that can be easily shared among multiple parties instantly.
  • Matterport Imaging - Special imaging software that uses 360degree cameras to recreate a 3D model of any loss site, entirely interactive and explorable. Tour any building or area from your own computer like you're really there.

When you need a trusted expert onsite to operate said technologies or dig a bit deeper, the hassle of inconsistent local health ordinances and risking pandemic exposure can make matters complicated.  That's where extension of staff services or experienced consultants who regularly study local health, safety, and building codes can be of great help.  They act on your behalf to keep your staff safer and know how to minimize their own exposure, getting the details you need to close claims quickly and accurately.