We have represented clients successfully in complex cases arising from disputes in the valuation of insured losses, approaching 5 billion in total value.

Our team is versed in performing appraisal services, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and expert witness testimony. By pairing qualified construction experience with our premiere litigation assistance, we plan and execute legal claims strategies that result in swift and dependable claims resolutions.

Premiere Litigation Assistance

Our litigation support services are composed of professionals with decades of experience and expertise in all different industries, jurisdictions, and claim scenarios. We understand the care and dedication required to provide advantageous aid in handling large loss claims. We prepare a solid foundation for every case to stand upon, conducting thorough investigations and assessments of every case to gather, analyze, and compile an effective claim strategy. Our preparation services include:

  • Document discovery
  • Client interviews
  • Procurement of witness statements
  • Interrogatory preparations/answers
  • Preparation of deposition questions and documents
  • Preparation of trial graphics and exhibits

ADR Specialists

When disputes arise during the process of claim valuations, we're no stranger to providing alternative resolutions. We have successfully represented clients through complicated cases involving negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. With skilled team members who have served as party appraiser, umpire, and sole arbitrator, we offer the experience to provide fast, reasonable resolutions of disputes when they occur.