Brandon has over 13 years of experience assessing large residential and commercial property losses, including mitigation oversight, restoration estimating, and loss of use/business interruption analytics.  He has handled losses resulting from fires, floods, tornadoes, hailstorms, construction defects and issues of general liability.  He has served in long term deployments for disaster relief on major catastrophes such as wild fires and hurricanes.

Brandon has extensive experience with litigated files, negotiations and alternative dispute resolution.  He has served as an impartial and unbiased appraiser and umpire on numerous disputed matters.  Such cases include but are not limited to residential and commercial property damage claims as a result of fire, water, wind, and hail damage.


  • Atlantic Construction – Jacksonville, NC

    New home developer with over 90 homes under construction when Hurricane Florence struck. Evaluated, estimated and negotiated the cost of repairs to all affected buildings insured under their builder’s risk policy.
  • Sale Auto Mall – Jacksonville, NC

    Evaluated and estimated for the cost of all repairs to the structures and grounds resulting from the impact of Hurricane Florence at all seven dealership locations.
  • Glass Wild Fire - Napa, CA

    Estimate losses to multiple wine production facilities destroyed by wildfires. Loss totals in excess of $30MM
  • Derecho Wind Storm - Iowa & Illinois

    Estimated repairs for severe wind damage to large grain complexes and commercial structures with losses totaling over $10MM
  • Tornadoes - Nashville, TN

    Estimate repairs to multiple large residential, commercial, education and religious structures. Losses exceeded $20MM
  • Gulf Stream Manor - Lake Charles, LA

    Assessed damages to multi-site rental property with severe damage to over 1,200 structures caused by Hurricane Laura. Losses exceeded $25MM
  • Durable Packaging - Chicago, IL

    Consulted on fire loss to industrial 2.5mega-watt roof mounted solar array. Evaluated repair costs & loss of use expenses.
  • Danville Flooding 2018 – Danville, VA

    Worked with a team of adjusters and building consultants to estimate damages to over 200 locations owned by the City of Danville which were affected by the ensuing floodwaters after Hurricane Michael impacted the area.

Relevant Experience