Carmelo joined RMC as a Building Consultant in 2023 and brings with him nearly 15 years of experience as a Project Manager assembling and leading teams to conduct restoration projects and mitigation.

Carmelo has handled a variety of projects involving fire, water, mold, and lead damages during  his time in restoration and is trained in writing estimates in Core Logic Symbility and Xactimate. 


  • Water, Cherry Hill, NJ - 2023

    Managed mitigation of an office building with 3 floors of water damage. Mitigation valued at $250K
  • Fire/Water, Staten Island, NY - 2022

    Managed a crew of 30 to conduct the restoration of a solar powered roof that malfunctioned and caught fire. Restoration totaled at $2.5M 
  • Fire, Autobody shop, Irvington, NJ - 2021

    Managed a crew of 10 to preform detailed cleaning of concrete walls and steel roof joists using dry ice blasting. Total mitigation cost of $160K.
  • Mold, Fort Lee, NJ - 2020

    Managed a crew of 6 for to perform removal of a custom bar, custom trim, drywall, and insulation. Mold remediation valued at $20K.
  • Fire, Church, Paterson, NJ - 2019

    Managed a crew of 15 to preform a detailed cleaning of the entire church with 40- foot ceilings. Cleaning methods included HEPA vacuuming, soot sponging, hand cleaning and deodorizing with HEPA air scrubbers. Total mitigation and repairs valued at $475M.
  • Fire, Flemington,  NJ - 2018

    Managed a crew of 15 to preform mitigation of the entire inside of the structure. Cleaning methods included HEPA vacuuming and hand cleaning using degreaser and deodorizer. Total mitigation valued at $220K.
  • Water, Penn Station, New York, NY - 2016

    Managed a crew of 20 to preform emergency services that included pumping out the 20,000SF effected area, water extraction,, monitor drying equipment, and preform moisture mapping. Mitigation valued at $150K.
  • Fire, Robert Dinero's Home, New Paltz, NY - 2015

    Managed a crew of 8 to conduct total mitigation of  Robert Dinero's home caused by and electrical fire. Total Mitigation Valued at  $35K.


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