Dan Turpin is an Executive Building Consultant as well as Vice President and Director of Large Loss at RMC Group. He has been in the insurance restoration industry since 2000 and has prior hands-on field experience as a residential, multifamily, and commercial contractor.

Dan’s experience offers a thorough understanding of construction components and various methods. Dan has estimated and managed countless projects involving heavy marine construction, commercial high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, major shopping malls, medical facilities, casinos, and assisted living facilities as well as many schools and college campuses.

Dan’s professional services include initial damage assessment, scope preparation, inventory contents review, invoice assurance, and construction management.


  • 2021 URI Storm

    Assigned 1.1 million square foot hotel that sustained severe water damage to approx. 40% of the structure. worked with mitigation contractors, industrial hygienists, drying equipment contractors to determine remediation protocols/processes, timeframes, and budget dollars for the entire project. Scoped and priced all repair damage to the building including HVAC, Switchgear, Conveying equipment, and interior finishes.

  • 2020 California Wildfires

    Worked with a team of consultants to determine structure damage/smoke damage, cost, period of restoration, equipment damage, and vines and trellis damage/cost to 11 wineries in the Napa area. work included all aspects of custom finishes, production facilities, fermenting areas, caves, and bottling equipment. Projects ranged from 1.2 million to 25 million dollars.

  • 2019 Texas state court case

    Expert witness in builders risk case representing the defendant (contractor) in a mold claim filed, the verdict was for the defense in this case.

  • 2019 Builders Risk Multifamily

    Worked with a team of consultants, engineers, and local and federal agencies to assist with investigating a large, multi-family housing project damaged by fire at 80% completion. Worked closely with the GC and forensic accountants to properly estimate the amount of work completed, re-bid work, compile all data for delay of the project, and establish the total cost. (Project totaling 18 million)

  • 2019 Jericho Water Damage

    Oversaw a team of consultants, engineers, and hygienists to establish and execute a dry down of 25,000 sq. ft. nursing facility. Inspected, developed work scope, and secured agreed pricing for all mitigation, contents, hazardous material, and rebuilding costs to current ICB with contractors. (Project totaling 15 million)

  • 2018 Maui Wildfires

    Worked directly with local contractors and insureds to assess damages and secure an agreed-upon scope and pricing for 37 residences affected by the wildfires. (Project totaling 5 million)

  • 2018 Paradise Fire

    Managed a team of consultants, engineers, and hygienists to perform hazmat testing and demolition and rebuild estimates for nine commercial properties. Two large nursing facilities were severely damaged during the fires. Worked closely with local and federal agencies to ensure proper handling of hazardous materials and ACM debris, bio-hazard cleanup. (Project totaling 75 million)

  • 2017 Hurricane Maria

    Lead consultants working with medical and manufacturing facilities on the affected island, assessing damages, and working with contractors to set up and maintain emergency power to critical locations throughout the island. (Project totaling 100 million)

  • 2017 Foundry Fire

    Inspected and established scope of work, pricing, and period of restoration for a severely fire-damaged steel foundry. The building had sustained severe damage to the brick structure, electrical, and foundry equipment. (Project totaling 15 million)

  • 2016 Hurricane Matthew

    Lead consultants on Marriott properties damaged by Hurricane Matthew. Also, lead consultants on four damaged boutique hotels located in Savanna, Georgia, damaged by Hurricane Matthew. (Project totaling 3 million)

  • 2012 Hurricane Sandy

    Worked as the Consultant for New Jersey Transit Authority, estimating damaged municipal buildings and estimated and secured bids for four 46 story buildings severely damaged by the hurricane. (Project totaling 75 million)

  • 2011 Joplin Tornado’s

    Worked as the building consultant for the Joplin City Government buildings and Joplin School district. Wrote estimates for nine damaged schools, three fire department buildings, a police station, and more. (Project totaling 150 million)

  • 2010 Frank Lloyd Wright Residential Restoration

    The home was heavily damaged by a fire that started on a lower level, causing damage to about 70% of the residence. The demolition of the home was not an option due to the sentimental value of the structure. Interesting challenges included custom milling of baseboards and casings, designing router bits to custom mill northern spruce 2x6 roof decking (which was also the ceiling), finding and delivering a 64’ spruce tree to be milled for the main truss support (the tree was found in Manitoba, cut and helicoptered to Seattle for milling and Kiln drying, then shipped to us at the job site)

  • 2010 Sunset Hills Missouri Tornado

    Building Consultant hired to write all Government Buildings damaged by a tornado

  • 2009 Columbia University Fire

    Building Consultant hired to write structure fire to the campus library and coordinate the filing, cleaning, and return of 86,000 books that were currently in the archives of the school. (many were first edition books from the 1700 and 1800s) books were decimally filed as they were removed, trucked to the cleaning station in Dallas, Texas, cleaned and restored, housed in a climate-controlled building during construction, and then returned and filed back to original configuration as pre-loss.

  • 2006 Coca-Cola Distribution Center Fire

    The building was heavily damaged by an explosion in the warehouse we were hired to write and rebuild the structure as well as inventory all contents, price, and replace once the structure was complete.

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