Jake Nahorski joined RMC Group as a Building Consultant in 2023 and brings with him over 20 years of experience in construction and estimating. He has overseen and assisted with all aspects of of insurance losses during his time in the industry.

Prior to joining RMC Group, Jake was a Project Manager at a construction and remodeling company where he estimated scope and cost of projects, as well as provided assistance to clients who needed repairs after insurance losses.

Jake holds extensive knowledge of multiple construction trades, the insurance industry, and how to build relationships with clients.


  • Remodel - Naperville, IL - 2022

    Supervised and coordinated complete interior and exterior remodel of 4100 sf home including all custom cabinetry and custom stairs. Repairs valued at over $400k.
  • Fire - Kraus TV and Cable, Elwood, IL - 2019

    Coordinated and supervised repairs to commercial building housing local cable provider. Due to zoning changes in the area, had to salvage all sides of the post frame building while completely removing and replacing the roof trusses and metal roof. Repairs valued at $75k.
  • Lightning / Fire - Manhattan, IL - 2019

    Coordinated and supervised completion of repairs to multifamily building affected by fire from lightning strike. Due to exceptional communication, GA from Farmers never had to come to the loss site. Repairs in excess of $150k.
  • Tornado - Coal City, IL - 2015

    Assisted in communicating with insurance companies and consulted with contractors in the area on proper planning of repairs. Assisted with and supervised repairs in excess of $300k.
  • Tornado - Diamond, IL - 2013

    Assisted multiple families with board up and clean up after rare late in the year tornado event. Negotiated directly with the building department to expedite permits to begin structural roof repairs before a large snow storm impacted the area potentially rendering some of the houses a total loss. Supervised production of repairs in excess of $500k.
  • Flooding - Oswego, IL - 2013

    Organized response teams and assisted many residential and commercial customers with mitigation, dry out, and repairs from flooding. Supervised mitigation and repairs in excess of $600k. 
  • Fire - Aurora, IL - 2011

    Supervised and completed repairs from fire on historic 100+ year old home. Sourced like kind and quality materials to maintain its historic integrity while upgrading HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, and insulation to current building codes. 

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