Kevin Lahey is a Executive Building Consultant more than 33 years in the insurance restoration industry and previously an additional 12 years of hands on field experience as a Journeyman Carpenter, Foreman and Superintendent, Kevin’s experience offers a thorough understanding of construction components and various methods. Having literally built many custom homes, commercial buildings and agricultural buildings from the ground up, his experience has kept him in demand. In 1989, Kevin began estimating full time and obtained his CA Contractors license in 1991 when he successfully operated his own construction and restoration company. Since then, he has served as Branch Manager, General Manager, Regional Area Manager, VP of Construction and COO with several of the most respected companies in the insurance restoration industry. His extensive experience involved regular consultation and direct management of water and fire damage mitigation, mold remediation, contents pack out and processing, electronics cleaning & testing, vital document recovery and processing as well full reconstruction of a wide array of building types. These have included the very controlled specifications on buildings listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and LEED buildings. Kevin has estimated and managed countless projects involving libraries, commercial high-rise buildings, industrial facilities, major shopping malls, medical facilities, assisted living facilities as well as many school and college campuses.

Kevin’s professional services include initial damage assessment, scope preparation, inventory contents review, invoice assurance, construction management, and vital document recovery.


  • 2010 Roseville Shopping Mall Fire

    Kevin successfully consulted and managed a restorative and emergency repair efforts after a 1.3 million sq. ft. exclusive shopping mall fire in Roseville CA. During this major undertaking Kevin worked extensively with the insurance carriers, local Mayor’s office, ATF and local police agencies in order to reduce that crime scene areas so that recovery efforts could begin. Project highlights include:

    • Building layout encompassed 1.3 million sq. ft. with over 100 tenant spaces with a loss value of $60MM.
    • Kevin led all initial damage assessment excursions into the mall and assisted in setting costs reserves.
    • Kevin coordinated and communicated with all building inspectors, Cal-OSHA, building engineers, and subcontractors and cleaning and construction trades involved.
    • Pre-negotiated labor force ratios, equipment caps, subcontractor mark-up and O&P to realize value driven prices goals. Initial reduction in restorative expense was $1.3MM and additional reduction in cost was negotiated which saved $1.1MM.
  • State University Campuses

    Kevin regularly coordinated all large loss mitigation and reconstruction efforts involving State University campuses and University union properties after major flood, hail, water damages, fire damages and mold conditions. Kevin works well with and understands the needs of CIH professionals and protocols issued.
  • National Telephone Carrier

    Kevin successfully restored computer servers, network computers, phone systems an office equipment after a major fire at a national telephone carrier call center in Sacramento, CA saving all major components in the process.
  • Multiple Large Loss Projects at Assisted Living Facilities

    Kevin has managed multiple large loss projects at assisted living facilities. These facilities present unique project considerations when work needs to be carried out around the elderly and dementia patients.

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