Tim Lange joined RMC Group as an Executive Building Consultant in 2022. He has provided over 30 years of diverse construction consulting, estimating, commercial renovation, tenant improvement projects across the U.S. for corporate, municipality, industrial, marina, retail, restaurant, educational, residential and multi-family sectors. Tim has been responsible for analyzing insurance related damages, working with the insurance representatives in settling claims. He is also a licensed FAA Private Pilot and a Remote Pilot for small, unmanned aircraft (UAV) systems. 

Tim strategically leverages his extensive background working with and for world-class owner’s representatives, general contractor, subcontractors, engineering, and architectural/design organizations to more effectively manage the project to a successful outcome. Tim has performed cost analyses and estimate services for large commercial property losses in the devastating wakes of Hurricanes Charley (2004), Hurricane Katrina (2005) and Hurricane Matthew (2016), and Hurricane Irma



  • Maricopa County, Phoenix, Arizona (DOL: 10/5/2010 – Hail - $21.3 Million)
    Maricopa County commercial property located in Phoenix, Arizona was impacted by a devastating hail storm event. The exteriors and roofing at multiple governmental-owned commercial properties totaled over 80 different buildings, including three large high-security jails. Mr. Lange was instrumental in overseeing the project management of the loss during repairs, conducting multiple site inspections, and successfully concluded the outcome of the overall claim with no disputes.


Medical Facility:

  • University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, Washington (DOL: 6/15/2012 - Fire - $3.5 Million)
    The UW Medical Center (7 stories) high-tech medical/laboratory facility (183,000 square feet) with a BSL-3 lab on the seventh floor. A fire occurred on the third floor during construction on a new $111 Million facility. The project was at 40% completion at the time of the fire event, and the final completion date could not be adjusted. The fire loss evaluation included modification to the existing project schedule, stacking of trades, overtime rates, and project cost impacts due to labor inefficiencies.

Industrial Manufacturing & Food Processing:


  • Cummins Engines, Columbus, Indiana (DOL: 06/7/2008 - Flood Damage - $13.4 Million)
    The Cummins Engine Company located in Columbus, Indiana was flooded by the storm event. The water impacted the Cummins Manufacturing Plant, Engine   Technical Center, Medical Facility and Child Development Center. The floodwater reached heights over four feet above ground level and submerged the multi-levels of subterranean sections of the plant. Mitigation and cleanup totaled $5.8 Million. Mr. Lange worked with the owner’s representatives to come to a reasonable and recommended settlement of $13.4 Million for the building repairs component of the loss to the multiple buildings; the overall claim exceeded $110 Million.


  • Underwood Fruit, Bingen, Washington (DOL: 10/18/2017 – Fire - $42.5 million)
    The Underwood Fruit facility (101,500 square foot) was damaged by a large fire. The fire occurred in the upper wooden bow-truss roof structure and destroyed the entire multi-level processing building. The interior had computerized fruit sorting and packing machinery, conveying systems, and controlled atmospheric refrigeration storage that utilized ammonia. Due to the extensive fire damage, hazardous materials and limited site access, Mr. Lange utilized a UAV/drone to better determine the overall damage from aerial imagery. Mr. Lange developed a preliminary detailed replacement cost estimate for the concrete cast-in-place (CIP) wall of the building, mechanical and electrical systems, along with the importation of processing machinery and equipment from overseas.


Industrial / Hazardous Waste Processing:


  • US Ecology, Grand View, Idaho (DOL: 11/17/2018 – Explosion - $18.5 million)
    The USE facility located is a hazardous waste treatment facility that stores, neutralizes and disposes of the treated waste material in their local landfill site totaling over 65 acres. A treatment process of waste material was in progress inside the Stabilization Building when a catastrophic explosive reaction occurred. The explosion was extensive and caused damage to multiple structures on the site. Mr. Lange assisted with the initial building damage evaluation and throughout the entire period of reconstruction.


Residential / Condominium:

  • Market Court Condominium, Seattle, Washington (DOL: 05/04/2016 – Fire - $2.9 Million)
    The Market Court Condominium is a mid-rise wood frame-constructed building offering contemporary design and finishes. A fire occurred on the sixth floor of a unit that was under renovation. Smoke and water damaged the exterior façade, staircase, hallways, storage rooms and the interior of multiple high-end units. Mitigation and reconstruction work took 16 months to complete. Mr. Lange was involved throughout the period of mitigation, reconstruction and concluded all associated reconstruction costs amicably with multiple contractors for the condominium owners.


  • Victoria Towers Condominium, Honolulu, HI (DOL: 5/15/2019) – Fire – $2.5 Million)
    The Victoria Towers Condominium is a 17-story CMU reinforced structure. A fire occurred on the fourth floor and caused extensive damage to five units out of 146 units, including exterior painting of the entire building. The initial contractor estimate was $9.0 Million, after defining the scope of work and soliciting competitive bids, the repairs were completed for $2.2 Million.


Marina / Dock Repairs:


  • Port of Port Angeles – Port Angeles, WA – Collision damaged the mooring and fuel docks, repairs $301,000
  • Port of Everett, - Everett, WA – Condominium fire damaged the Port’s hardscape/landscape - $250,000
  • Jim Clark Marina – Seattle, WA – Boathouse fire to multiple structures and main mooring dock - $2.3 Million 

Water Reservoir:

  • Crystal Mountain Ski Resort, Crystal Mountain, Washington (DOL: 12/9/201205 – Avalanche - $610,000)
    On December 9, 2015, the snow-pack on the Gold Hill ski slope broke loose, resulting in an avalanche. The avalanche impacted and crushed the 42 feet-diameter welded steel water reservoir tank (248,000 gallons) and dislodged the tank from its concrete foundation. Mr. Lange developed a preliminary detailed replacement cost estimate, worked with the Insured’s contractor and concluded a reasonable repair cost for the new water tank.


Commercial / Restaurant:

  • Lil’ Jon Restaurant, Bellevue, Washington (DOL: 6/13/2013 – Fire - $525,000)
    The Lil’ Jon restaurant was constructed in 1965. The 3,500 square foot restaurant seats 100 patrons. The fire started in the kitchen and extensively damaged the commercial kitchen, cold storage and prep area, including the front seating area. Mr. Lange developed a preliminary detailed replacement cost estimate, worked with the contractors on an accelerated schedule and successfully concluded the necessary repairs for the restaurant. 
  • Tazlina Trading Post – Glennallen, Alaska (12/22/20 – Fire - $1.7 Million)
    The Tazlina Trading Post provides food and supplies to the remote region of the Tazlina area, the Post is located 186 miles east of Anchorage. The wood-framed building was built in 1958 and renovated multiple times. Mr. Lange developed an estimate for the repairs and has since been working with the contractor and Insured throughout the reconstruction tracking the actual reconstruction costs. 


  • Johnson Residence – Issaquah, Washington - Fire damage, full replacement for $3.85 Million
  • Bohlen Residence – Tualatin, Oregon – Fire damage, full replacement of 5,076 sf for $1.60 Million
  • Anderson Residence – Seattle, Washington - Water damage to kitchen (1,000 sf) for $638,000
  • Dye Residence – Salem, Oregon – Fire damage, partial replacement 2,500 sf for $268,000

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