Tony has been with the RMC Group since January of 2014. Tony graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor’s of Science in Civil Engineering. While with the RMC Group he has consulted on many large commercial losses relating with storm, wind, hail, pipe breaks, and fire damage.

Tony’s professional background comes from the civil engineering world where he worked in the buildings and bridge design group. He was on a design team for several buildings before moving to the bridge world. While in the bridge group he did extensive large-database work, thousands of bridge inspections including both fracture critical and underwater scour assessments. He also has overseen several concrete roadway and asphalt overlay jobs. Tony also worked with the energy group and perform energy assessments on several facilities. Prior to engineering, he worked as a firefighter for over a decade. Tony spent 21 years in the Air Force Reserves/Guards and retired in September of 2015.


  • Waterloo, IA - 2017 Hail Losses

    Managed a team of ten consultants for a week on 250 locations suffering from hail damages
  • Manufacturing Facility, Detroit - 2018 Fire Loss

    Independently estimated on a concrete precast facility, approximately 12 million dollars in damages
  • Military Retirement Community, Potomac Falls - 2018 Hail Losses

    Managed a team of three consultants on a 61-building air force retirement community suffering hail damages
  • Steel Bridge in Fredonia, AR - 2019 Flood Loss

    Inspected and analyzed a 4 million dollar builder's risk claim on an 18 span - 2,843 ft steel girder bridge
  • Manufacturing Facility, Houston - 2018 Tornado Loss

    Inspected and estimated for damages to a pipe manufacturing facility with multiple large steel structures, suffering severe tornadic exposure

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