Brian Wood is a Building and Dental Loss Consultant at the RMC Group, with 23 years of experience in the study of fire science and origin. Serving as a fire captain and head of the building inspections program for the Nebraska Air National Guard, Brian is capable of seeing losses from a preventive perspective. He understands loss causation, damage spread, and mitigation measures taken by first responders. Brian specializes in dental and medical facilities and equipment inspections, also responding to large losses from catastrophic events, including Hurricane Florence in 2018.

Having been on the frontline as an emergency responder, Brian understands what's at stake for clients and individuals affected. He urgently responds to losses, working quickly to perform inspections, prepare estimates, fast-track restoration efforts, and provide temporary relocation. Brian prioritizes the concerns of those affected, offering professional representation and solutions for businesses to stay operational, coming back out on top.


  • Neurological Center CT Scanner - Middleton, CO

    Inspected and assessed damages on a $1M CT scan machine, suffering failures from a power surge during a lightning storm in 2019.

  • Dental Office - San Diego, CA

    Inspected and assessed damages on dental equipment from a loss in 2019.

  • Bank - Jacksonville, NC

    Consulted on a roof collapse from damages incurred following hurricane Florence in 2018.

  • Hurricane Florence - Various locations in NC

    Was part of a large scale CAT team stationed in North Carolina following hurricane Florence in 2018. Responded to several water and wind losses throuhout the affected hurricane zone.

  • Senior Living Facility - Idaho Falls, ID

    Consulted on a massive hail loss in 2018 for a large retirement center, inspecting each individual building.

  • Dental Office - Attleboro, MA

    Consulted on damages for a complete water loss in 2018. Provided relocation for the office to continue work while reconstruction was underway.

  • Dental Office - Madison, WI

    Consulted on damages from a major flood in 2018, inspecting dental equipment and preparing estimates.

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